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Email accounts

UTS enrolled students and staff members receive a UTS Email and Access account. This account will stay with your from the day you enrol until the day you graduate or leave employment at UTS, and will provide you with an easy and constant communications and access tool.

Your UTS email account is the official method of communication between yourself and UTS. Please ensure it is working and you are receiving email messages sent to your UTS address. All communications sent to your UTS address from UTS, will be deemed to have been delivered to you. When contacting UTS, staff may require you to send your email from your UTS address.

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Your UTS Email and Access Account gives you

  • A UTS Email Account
  • Access to all General Access Computing facilities at UTS (this does not include faculty specific computing labs).
  • Access to the UTS wireless network
  • Library Database Remote Access
  • Access to UTSOnline
  • Access to the UTS Service Desk system

For Students;

  • UTS Exam Results Online
  • Access to Virtual Lab
  • Access to MyStudentAdmin and other online administrative tools

For Staff;

  • Access to the Neo system
  • Remote Access to your share drive files
  • Access to other staff administrative systems

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Account activation

Your UTS Email and Access account will automatically be created for you after enrolment or commencement of employment. The first thing you will need to do is activate your account.

To activate your account visit the UTS homepage and navigate to the UTS Webmail logon page.  You can reach this page by clicking on Current Students at the top, then find the Student systems heading on the left hand side and click on the UTS Webmail link.

Alternatively, on the UTS homepage, scroll to the bottom, find the Staff heading, and click on Webmail.

Once on the UTS Webmail login page, click on the Account Activation link on the left hand side.  Enter your details and follow the process to activate your account.

Account activation requires your student or staff identification number and completion of the personal details requested. The activation process will allow you to choose a password and will supply your username and email address. You will also be asked to fill in three security questions and answers to use in verifying your identification in future.

Note: Please enter your birth date according to the format in the example. Any other date format will result in an error.

Tips to assist you with setting your Questions

Answers to your three questions can be numbers or letters but not symbols (for example do not use %$#*). Answers cannot be more than 40 characters but may consist of more than one word.

Please choose carefully as problems with remembering your answers later on will cause delays when asking for help with any password problems that might arise.

The IT Support Centre is available to help you if you have any problems.

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Your password is secret - so it will not be displayed. DO NOT disclose your password to anyone as this is in breach of UTS Policies.  You are responsible for your account at all times.

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Password Reset facility

In an effort to counter the increase in phishing attacks on email accounts and provide an extra level of protection for your email, UTS has introduced a password reset facility.

If you forget your password, this facility makes the process of regaining access to UTS systems fast, efficient and hassle free. You will no longer need to contact the IT Support Centre for assistance.

With this service you will be able to reset your own password from anywhere and at any time. To reset your password visit the UTS Reset your password webpage

If your current password is working and you just want to change it, visit the UTS Webmail login page and click on MyAccount in the list on the left hand side. Login, and click on the Password tab, enter your current password and your new password to change your password.

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Mailing lists

UTS Maintains a Mailing List server. This is a server coordinating the sending of email to a group of people (a 'list'). Interested people can 'subscribe' to these Mailing Lists.

Some lists are intended for announcements, while others are for designed for discussion amongst the list members. Similarly, some are public mailing lists while others are private. Each list has its own web page with information regarding its purpose.

You can subscribe to a list either by using the list's web page, or by email by sending an email message to a special "request" address. Staff members may also be able to Request a New List.

For more information regarding mailing lists including; Frequently Asked Questions, Administration of mailing lists and list creation please visit the Service Desk Knowledge Base.

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Policy and guidelines

Your Email account is governed by The UTS Email Policy and Guidelines for Use of Email. When activating your account you will need to have read and understood the applicable policies and guidelines and tick the four boxes listed. By activating your account you agree to abide by all UTS policies and rules especially pertaining to the Acceptable Use Policy. Breaches of policies and guidelines may lead to locking of access accounts, disciplinary action, initiation of legal process or expulsion.



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