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Wireless coverage on campus

We have recently expanded wireless coverage to make it available in lecture rooms and classrooms on campus. For UTS students and staff wireless is available in:

  • Open spaces on campus
  • Most teaching and learning spaces, lecture rooms and classrooms
  • UTS student housing
  • Great hall
  • Several staff meeting rooms

Wireless networks at UTS (UTS-WPA and eduroam)

The wireless networks at UTS are UTS-WPA and eduroam. They allow students and staff to access the UTS network including UTS website, UTS online resources and the internet for work or educational purposes. All you need is a wireless ready laptop or Mobile Internet Devices (MID) and the appropriate software and drivers installed. Please remember that wireless access is shared access.

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The wireless network at UTS uses "Transport Layer Security" protocol or more commonly known as TLS as secure method of passing information wirelessly over the internet. TLS is routinely used to pass sensitive information over insecure mediums which are vulnerable to eavesdropping. By using TLS, all communication is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

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Wireless policies and guidelines

Wireless connections are covered by all policies pertaining to the UTS Network. Wireless is not anonymous, your login is known and the areas and sites you visit are logged as per normal web usage. Your account can be suspended or locked for inappropriate behaviour. Please ensure you have read, understand and act in accordance with IT policies and guidelines.


The University cannot guarantee the availability of the wireless network and reserves the right for them to be unavailable from time to time for either planned or unforeseen circumstances.

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Wireless assistance

Network problems

Contact an IT Support Centre to check the status of the wireless network. If the wireless is down they can assist to log a request to have it fixed and let you know what areas are still available.

Connecting difficulties

Our IT Support Centres may be able to assist you to connect. For general hardware or software support issues contact a computer repair shop or your laptop supplier.

Service Desk Knowledge Base

Wireless instructions, information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available on the Service Desk Knowledge Base and have been designed to assist you in general troubleshooting when connecting to the wireless network at UTS.

Note: While UTS IT Support makes every effort to help you connect to the UTS wireless network, not all devices will be able to connect successfully. Some older computers and operating systems may not be compatible with newer authenticated network systems.

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